Add INDEX Field to File Name For Custom CSV Export Script

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Jakarta Development posted this 25 March 2014


Can anyone help me (again) on how to add index field to file name for my custom csv export?
Recently I've had help from a member to enclosed double quotes on csv export here.

As you can see, in order to enclose double quotes, I need to define also the file name output:
Dim namafiledetail as string = "D:\YOURTARGETFOLDER\export.csv"

This restricts me to one file naming as defined.

Is there any way that I can implement
Index:\Document Section 1\NAME

as an output for my custom csv file name?

Thank you in advance.

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ScanAddicted posted this 25 March 2014

dim namafiledetail as string = "d:\YOURTARGETFOLDER\" & document.field("Document Section1\NAME").value & ".csv

Jakarta Development posted this 25 March 2014

@ScanAddicted I need to buy you some beers!

The619 posted this 6 days ago

  Hey, @Jakarta Development - Is there any way you can give me some example of custom csv export scripts?