Database Check Rule with Duplicates

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atorino posted this 28 September 2015

How is Flexicapture suppossed to behave for a Database Rule when more than one record match the lookup conditions? - I have a DB rule that performs as expected, fills correctly other form's fields, but when having duplicates it blanks all fields, instead of filling them with the correct values.
Thanks for any support you can provide.

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Anastasiya Nechaeva posted this 30 September 2015

Hello atorino,

When program meet more than one matching record it allows user to choose the proper one. Did you see any warning like "Too many records found"?

In case duplicates it would be better to use a script rule where you can handle such issue.

atorino posted this 30 September 2015

Thanks for your answer, Anastasiya. No warning message was received. I'm trying a workaround to this problem. Let you know how it goes. Thanks again

MADRAZA posted this 25 April 2019

I have the same problem, but when i choose the proper one and click on checking rules, i get still the same warning like "Too many records Found"