FlexiCapture FlexiLayout Studio: parsing a QR code

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decibel83 posted this 15 June 2016

In my documents I have a QR code containing some XML code which I need to parser, recognize fields and insert them in the export database.
I mean, I don't have to recognize any text in the document but only the content of the QR code.
But I don't have to insert in the database fields the whole content of the QR code but each node of the XML code inserted in it.
How I can parse it after the recognition but before the export creating a block for every node in the XML content?
Thank you very much.

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Timur posted this 20 June 2016


You can use a custom export to parse qr code value using for example C# which provides some built it instruments to work with xml and then export these values to DB.


decibel83 posted this 28 June 2017

Thanks! Could you please tell me where I could insert the custom export script? Are you referring about a script into the FlexiLayout or into the Document Definition? Or a validation rule into the field? Thanks!

Ekaterina posted this 04 July 2017


Here is the instruction how to use the custom export script: Program settings > Document Definitions > Data export settings > Export described with a script

And if you use the destributed version you may create the custom export stage at the advanced workflow: Using scripts in ABBYY FlexiCapture > Scripts for customizing processing stages > Sample scripts > Sample scripts describing export if you use 

decibel83 posted this 02 March 2018

Hi Ekaterina, thanks for your solution.

Though I managed in parsing the QR Code using a JScript rule script which takes the content of the QR Code, parse it and compile other fields.

I also added a verification rule script for each fields compile from the parsing script to check if the final results are correct and valid.

Is it OK or do you advise a better way to make this?


Ekaterina posted this 13 March 2018


As we can see from the description of the case, your solution is quite optimal, so please go on.