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Anna Sazonova posted this 10 July 2013

ABBYY is interested what features you would like to see in our software. If you have an idea how to improve data capture software, please submit the suggestion within this thread.

Please note that we can’t guarantee that all your proposed features will be implemented, but we take into consideration all your proposals.

Your ideas and suggestions are very important to us, they will help us to develop better data capture solutions and help you bring your business to the next level.

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atorino posted this 11 July 2013

It would be nice to have an automatic user interface for batch registration parameters.
When ever the user creates a new batch a pop up screen should ask for all the registration parameters and not let the user go any further if they don't fill in the required ones.

Anna Sazonova posted this 11 July 2013

Thank you for your functionality suggestion.

If filling registration parameters is required, the operator can't send a batch to the server without entering information. A warning message will appear in this case.

We think pop-up with registration parameters entering is not a good solution because sometimes it is necessary to view an image before filling registration parameters.

Could you please describe in more details which program behavior you would like to improve? Why you think pop-up will be better than the current solution?

DanAyo posted this 01 August 2013

This is for Anna or anyone else that may be able to check into this.

It would be beneficial to all users if ABBYY could make their complete "Knowledge Base" available to us. I'm sure the techs @ ABBYY use something like this. This way we could use that knowledge to solve problems and also learn more.

If memory serves me well, I think ABBYY has a "light" version of this "Knowledge Base" online, but I would also think that the actual ABBYY techs have much more information than what is presently posted to the web. In the past the information available on-line has not answered many questions for me. Although, I haven't been their in a long time.

It would also be nice if we could add to the knowledge base or at least post messages that could be reviewed and, if thought useful, could be added by ABBYY to that Knowledge Base.

I am extremely fortunate to have Ray Belden as my ABBYY reseller. He has been invaluable through the years in assisting me, but I would like to be able to help myself without the need to get him involved. And I'm sure it would benefits him also, as it would free more of his time.

Here is a small example of what I am talking about.

Over time I have had occasional problems deleting a Project from the server. I think today, I may have learned how to resolve this. I am told that when the ABBYY services are shut down that all sessions will cease, thus allowing a Project to be terminated from the server. But experience has shown that terminating the services don't always close all sessions. It appears that if all sessions are not closed the ability to delete Projects from the server is not available. Other users may run into the same issue and if posted to a Knowledge Base it would be accessible to them.


Delete FC10 Project


All users should be logged out of ABBYY before starting.

Admin and Monitoring > Service > Application Server

Then refresh Server Pojects List

Stop all ABBYY services, except the Licensing Server

Select the Project that is to be deleted and click "Delete Project".

If the "Delete Project" button is grayed out, go to;

Admin and Monitoring > Monitoring > Sessions

End all running sessions.

You should then be able to delete the desired Project from the server.

After deletion, make sure to re-start all ABBYY services.


Let me know your thoughts on this,
Dan Ayo

Anna Sazonova posted this 20 August 2013

Hello Dan Ayo,

Thank you for your proposal. ABBYY Knowledge Base is constantly increasing with new materials, we are working to make it comprehensive, complete and useful, so that our users can get more from ABBYY software.

Regarding your request to add users' articles to ABBYY Knowledge Base, Forums Community serves for exchanging knowledge between users very well, here you can post your notes and tips freely using tag User_Tips in your post. The Community is considered to be an interactive knowledge base as well.
Also Community and Knowledge Base are integrated with each other, and the most interesting discussions appear on the KB. We analyze forum's discussions and add necessary articles to Knowledge Base.

Thank you for your note about deleting project, this question is very important, now there is an article on this subject: http://knowledgebase.abbyy.com/article/1493

Best regards,

Anna Sazonova posted this 21 August 2013

Digitally signing images

Digitally sign images and leave proof of having processed an image.

Anna Sazonova posted this 11 November 2013

Web Capture Station - Field Layout for Verification

Change field layout in the data form of the document definition editor and make the web capture station use that layout for verification.

DanAyo posted this 13 February 2014

I'd like to see FC10 have the ability to re-size check mark boxes like we were able to do in 6.5.

In 6.5 I would select all check mark boxes and then choose edit > resize and then choose a width and height in pixels.

This is handy for us because we use check mark bubbles instead of boxes. We believe the bubble are easier to blacken than the square boxes. We don't want X or check marks, we want blackened circles. FC 10 will not automatically draw check mark boxes when circles are used instead of squares. So we manually draw the fields over the bubbles. After a check mark group is made, I copy and paste.

But the ability to resize would be helpful for us.

ilya evdokimov posted this 14 February 2014

I will second what DanAyo said. Just today I needed to resize about 20 text blocks in a fixed form template to the same size. Quickly, I looked for "set size" option in the menu (like in 6.5) just in case it was added in some latest release, not there, and I proceeded to resizing by hand. I want all my blocks to look the same, so I spend a long time in zoom-in mode adjusting them by hand. Also, I want all my blocks to align-left precisely, so I spend extra time making those alignments.

Ilya Evdokimov WiseTREND

Anna Sazonova posted this 17 February 2014

Hello DanAyo and Ilya,

Checkmark groups creation was enhanced in FlexiCapture 10 Release 7. Firstly, there is autodetection of bubble checkmarks in the Document Definition Editor. Secondly, there is the Adjust region command which draws checkmark regions precisely around the black circle on an image. Thirdly, new tools for creating of large amount of checkmarks were added – Align Regions and Space Evenly. Please try to use all these possibilities. If there are any remarks about their work please contact techsupport of your regional ABBYY office.

Kind regards,

DanAyo posted this 18 February 2014

Anna, I am presently running
I went to abbyydownloads.com/fc10 and all I see is the version that I am running.

How do I get Release 7? I'd like to take a look at those features.

I am very interested in testing the check mark fields that are drawn around the bubbles. In my experience it is necessary to draw a square that is a little larger than the actual bubble. This is why the ability to change the size of check mark boxes is so important to me. Some white space is left around all sides of the field. I find that if I draw the field very close to the edges of the bubble, I get a lot of False/Positives. This has been an on-going problem since the earlier version of ABBYY Form Reader and remains in FC10.

It is my understanding that Vera is working with her team to solve this issue. I am hoping that ABBYY will provide a "Confidence Level" that will allow us to choose the percentage of black pixels in a given check mark field. Since our users are required to blacken the bubble, we can raise it up quite a bit.

Anna Sazonova posted this 19 February 2014

DanYao, you are currently running release 7, so you can use new enhancements.

Yes, you are right that there should be a space between edges of the bubbles and a checkmark field region. We have forwarded a suggestion to developers to extend the automatically created checkmark regions in future versions of FlexiCapture.

Yes, Vera Serova recently has sent some image samples with checkmarks to ABBYY HQ, and developers are investigating them. In the next version of FlexiCapture there will be special methods in scripts which allow setting a checkmark value depending on percentage of black dots.

DanAyo posted this 19 February 2014

"Yes, you are right that there should be a space between edges of the bubbles and a checkmark field region. We have forwarded a suggestion to developers to extend the automatically created checkmark regions in future versions of FlexiCapture."

Instead of having ABBYY determine the white space around the ck mk bubbles, I think it would be best if we could determine the field size by selecting all ck mk and then having the option to resize them with a function like 6.5 that would allow use to choose a height and width in pixels. If this feature is added, ABBYY would not need to change the way it draws the fields over the ck mk bubbles.

NOTE: The ability to change the percentage of black pixels (Confidence Level) will be a great asset. We've used other Data Extraction software (similar to FC10) and from my experience nothing compares to ABBYY. ABBYY's accuracy is through the roof compared to everything else we've tried. I think that adding the Confidence Level will leave the competitors even further behind.

ScanAddicted posted this 19 February 2014


For scripts to measure how much blackdots in area I have submitted in this forum under tip and tricks, Its put in the rules module so I can access the function easily.

However I have problems in identifying the document definition when I use the scanning features : color drop out. I use this features to quickly evaluate whether there are marks in the area.

But when I apply the color dropout and if most of the checkmarks are empty , seems the references (black square) is not enough to determine the document definition.

I already tried with "auto checkmarks" but doesnot help.

Svetlana posted this 24 February 2014

Hi ScanAddicted!

As far as I understood you are having difficulties with Document Definition matching i.e. some documents stay as . From your post about check marks (thanks for it!) I assume that you have fixed forms.

I think that you should have a look at what other anchors except black squares can be added to your Document Definition. They can be separators, label text, bar codes - so any elements which are always there at their places like black squares in the corners of a form.

For detecting possible anchors you should switch to the Static Elements mode and apply Auto detect tool

Fields which can be changed like check marks, text fields with customers' or students' answers should not be used as anchors (references). If they are selected as anchors, delete them from the form in the Static Element mode.

If I did not understand your question right, would you please, send me a message at support@abbyy.com with some screen shots what is wrong?

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DanAyo posted this 05 March 2014

I think this suggestion would be much used. Once we use ABBYY to select all check mark boxes or check mark bubbles we draw check mark groups around 2 or more boxes. It would be great if we could use the select tool and select all of "yes" check mark boxes and choose "Y" for the exported value. After this we could select all the "No" and choose "N".

This feature was available in EE 6.5 and I think it should also be available in FC 10.

Thanks for considering...
Dan Ayo

DanAyo posted this 04 April 2014

ABBYY at times will not arrange the fields to be verified in a specific order. I've discussed this with our ABBYY rep and he is aware of this problem.

I want to have the operator verify field 1, 2, and then 3.
I order the fields in the Document Structure Fields panel and I can see that they are arranged (as ordered) in the Data Form view.

But no matter what I try I can't get ABBYY to display the fields in the 1, 2, 3, order.

If you or the tech involved have not seen this I can send a project to you.
Please let me know if you need the problem project.


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ScanAddicted posted this 18 April 2014

For rescanning task for scanning station, its better to have feature that enable verification to give tag or sign on each page that should be rescan. I understand currently there's a comment text that can be read by scanning operator but for more than 200 pages in the batch it will be more efficient that scanning operator know exactly which page should be corrected.


ScanAddicted posted this 22 April 2014

Hi Anna,

I understand about sending only document not the entire batch to the rescan station, My problem is when the document sent to the rescan is consist of more than 100 pages and only several pages needs to be rescan to replace the low quality images, then its nice to have features that mark the pages that should be replaced.

Harti Mutasa posted this 22 April 2014

Hi Anna,

I am getting error "several fields are exported to same column ROW_INDEX" this is after creating different section of a page that has table overlapping one page in document definition properties. Any clues as to why?


Harti Mutasa posted this 23 April 2014

Hi Anna,

Many thanks for the clarification. I guess the one suggestion would be the ability to create the sections/pages of the document FlexiLayout such that by the time it is imported into the FlexiCapture there is a distinction in the sections/pages for a two or more page document.

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