Cannot create page for source 'page.tif' because 'Error: (500) '

  • Last Post 07 September 2016
mharper posted this 06 September 2016

I've been getting this error a lot lately, and I have no idea why I keep getting it. Can anybody help?

Katja Ovcharova posted this 07 September 2016

Hello mharper,

Does this happen on certain files or the error is connected with the batch size (e.g. appears on large batches only)?
What product exactly gives you the indicated error?

If it is FlexiCapture 11, then there was internal issue that has been fixed since (Release 4). So if you are using older build, then upgrade should resolve the issue.
If you are using newer FlexiCapture version, then please provide us with more details:
1. The exact product build number.
2. The step-by-step description of the scenario that leads to the error.
3. Logs or screenshots where the error can be seen.
4. The AInfo report from the workstation where you see the issue (and also AInfo from the Server if it is FC Distributed and Server is on the other machine).
Instructions on creating this report available here.

If we are talking about RS, then please send us:
1. The Diagnostic report (right-click the "Run Diagnostic tool" on the Remote Administration Console with the server node selected).
2. Jobs log: right-click and choose export, then Save as...
3. Description of the scenario and the name of the workflow used for processing.