Multipage document recognition process

  • Last Post 01 November 2016
Happy posted this 25 October 2016


When there are multiple pages and only first page has to be matched, remaining pages are annex pages, the recognition process is very very slow.Is there a solution to make the process very fast.

There are more than 500 pages also.


Vladislav Suvorov posted this 01 November 2016

Hi Happy,

Please specify how your documents are organized inside of files. This can be easily done if there is one document per file.
In Image preprocessing options (Tools->Project properties) you can choose One document per image file setting if that is true for you.
Otherwise please consider making an assembly script\stage script that is able to mark pages as annex freely depending on conditions presented in FlexiCapture.
However FlexiCapture trying to match Document Definitions on every page is a default scenario and this is 100% expected behavior.

Alternatively if your documents are good quality it is possible to change prerecognition mode to Fast\Very fast in both Document definition and FlexiLayout properties since Balanced is chosen by default.

Best regards,