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Melisa Uy posted this 1 weeks ago


I am trying to do a report for batch processing. For example, batch 1 undergone Recognition > Verification > Processed.

Currently I am looking at StatisticTasks, but when I join it again Batch table, it is missing some records.

Any ideas?

On the help document, this is the description for Statistics -> "After a batch has been processed, information about its processing is stored in statistics tables. This information is used in reports and is available after a batch is deleted from the database. Statistic data is organized according to dates, projects, processing stage types, batches, users and users roles in order to minimize its size."

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Ekaterina posted this 3 days ago


Could you please describe your workflow in more details? How your documents are processed, what results you expect to see in the DB and what you actually get. Do you ever wait for the end of processing and batch deletion?

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  • Melisa Uy
Melisa Uy posted this 6 hours ago

HI Ekaterina,

Our workflow is Recognition > "Our Own DB Checking" > Verification > Processed

So the documents are read, checked against our DB and compared, if it did not match, we send it to verification

The weird data I found on our UAT server is, some batch that are marked Processed under Batch table, are missing under StatisticsTasks. And I cant seem to find the records for this.

The data I need is the steps the document pass through. So under StatisticTasks table, I can see this "Recognition,Export,CMS Checking,CMS Update,DMS Update,Verification,Verification\Data Postprocessing after Remote Client"


Yup i am waiting for the batch to be marked as processed before I generate this report. So I dunno if some settings are deleting records on the table.