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Abbyy_user0707 posted this 01 September 2017

I have seen that FC12 mobile client can support both Android and ios. Please provide me the link to download the app. Here I have pasted the particular frame link of the youtube video : 

?t=30. There I can see the Flexcapture app. I have searched in playstore and I am unable to find the app. Please share the link to download the app.

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adamberger posted this 26 June 2018

Hi Ekaterina,

Is there an iPhone mobile client for FlexiCapture?




Collins Sarmento posted this 26 June 2018

IOS link below.

AnneNZ posted this 12 July 2018

To get this app on my iphone I had to change some settings to developer settings. 

This meant Apple wants to send me Beta upgrades which I don't want.

How would i get the app without having to change settings? 

Our client wants to use the app on building sites for the site manager to send in timesheets.

I need an easier way for them to get the app. It's not in iStore.


Ekaterina posted this 23 July 2018


Please address the issue to your regional support.

Abbyy_user0707 posted this 19 September 2018

When I am trying to configure, I have got this error "Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 10:44 AM

Server URL: https://192.168.X.XX/


User name: anand_mobile

Device details: Android 6.0

LENOVO Lenovo K50a40



An error occurred during authorization.

Java exception: failed to connect to /192.168.X.XX (port 443) after 10000ms

".. Am I missing something. Please see the screenshot

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Ekaterina posted this 01 October 2018



Please make sure that your system sets up according this instruction:


If the error still persists please send your issue to the regional support.

Abbyy_user0707 posted this 01 October 2018

Ok, Just tell me one thing. Does it required static IP to configure with server?

Ekaterina posted this 08 October 2018


The address of FC12 Application Server that you provide to the FC Mobile Client should be accessible via the Internet (static IP or specially configured dynamic IP).

Abbyy_user0707 posted this 09 October 2018

Thank you for your response. What does it means specially configured dynamic IP. I don't get it. Could you please elaborate this one 

Ekaterina posted this 12 October 2018


You need to use a new IP each time when DNS provide you a new address. But you may use special dynamic dns service.