ABBYY FLEXICAPTURE 11 on Windows10 issue with Exporting Oracle BLOB column

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poojarirajesh posted this 25 December 2018


ABBYY FLEXICAPTURE 11 on Windows10 [ oracle client 12 ]  issue with Exporting Oracle BLOB column

after abbyy flexicapture export step oracle blob column is empty rest all number columns gets populated.

The issues is only with  oracle client 12 software


The same abbyy flexicapture project was working fine under Windows7 [ Oracle Client 11 ].




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Ekaterina posted this 25 December 2018

Hello Rajesh.

Please address the issue to your regional support. You'll need to indicate what is the version of Oracle that you are using and what is the DB provider.


poojarirajesh posted this 25 December 2018

Hi Ekaterina,

Thanks for quick reply...

I did addressed the issue with local support California-FORMTRAN

but FORMTRAN support replied it could be oracle issue adviced me to find solution in oracle documents.

Now to answer your question rgd oracle version.

We are moving towards Windows10 hence opened ABBYY Flexicapture 11 project on Win10 machine

Current working setup: Windows7,    Oracle Client version 11,     Oracle Database Version(12 c), 

                 New Setup : Windows10Oracle Client version 12., Oracle Database Version(12 c).

Just first two things changed: Windows10Oracle Client version 12.

Flexicapture Export Works fine for data type : Varchar and Number.

The Issue is only with BLOB column which is empty no image.

I do'not get any error or warning while exporting.




Ekaterina posted this 26 December 2018

Hello Rajesh,

Is it an option for you to revert back to the Oracle Client version 11, as it already worked with 12c Oracle database?
You can also get back to your supporting company and ask them about the recommended settings of Oracle connection.

Best regards,

poojarirajesh posted this 29 December 2018

Hi Ekaterina,

No option reverting back to oracle 11.Yes I will get back to supporting company for recommended settings.

Thanks for all your support and quick replies.

Appreciate your prompt response!!