ABBYY FlexiCapture, access denied for hot folder after 30 minutes of activity

  • Last Post 25 December 2018
rhenry posted this 21 December 2018



I'm actually using ABBYY Flexicapture hot folder to import files from some of my folders.

When i start my computer and my application server, it's working well.

But after 20-30 minutes, I'm getting the error "Unable to access to the folder ..., access denied".

And I have to restart my computer to make it work another 30 minutes.


Do you have a solution to make it work all the time ?

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Ekaterina posted this 25 December 2018


To troubleshoot the reported issue, you'll need to collect diagnostic materials and send them to your regional support.
The required materials are:
- sample project that demonstrates the issue on your side and some images for it
- Windows Event (System/Application) logs from the machine in question
- Trace logs from Processing Server/Stations. Please indicate how many there are Processing Stations that perform import tasks (see the attached screenshot that shows how to check if the Station performs import tasks)

On the same screenshot you can see how to enable the logging for Processing Stations (only these ones which have Import tasks enabled). 
For the Processing Server

After the logs are enabled, you'll need to wait until the error repeats, then the logging should be disabled and the resulting logs from the 
folders sent to ABBYY support.

- the contents of ErrorLog (that can be found by the link http://<AppServerName>/FlexiCapture11/Monitoring/FullErrorLog.aspx) could be filtered by creation time, or batch name (if there are too many records for normal work with them) and then exported as .csv . 
The same applies to FlexiCapture EventLog.

The issue can be related to some other processes like, for example, antivirus or hannging import task, that block the Hotfolder, but more information is needed to find that out.