ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio - I keep getting internal program error

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Melisa Uy posted this 17 December 2018



Today I cant seem todo anything on my flexilayout studio.

I keep hitting this error (see attached)


I am only doing (creating static text, creating character string, adding reference relation)

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Melisa Uy posted this 19 December 2018



any thoughts? I cant seem to proceed with template creation since Iam getting this error.

I have tried to uninstall my FC12 and install FC12 Release 2, and I am still getting this error.


Please help!

Ekaterina posted this 21 December 2018

Hello Melisa,

Does the error appear only in the specific project, or in any?

If it appears in specific project, could you please put the archive on a file share and give us a link?

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Melisa Uy posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Ekaterina,


Actually I started getting errors after I upgraded my ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 to Release 2

Now I uninstalled and installed version 12 Release1 and I am not getting this error anymore.


Any thoughts? Or should I just upgrade to LATEST Release (release 3)




Ekaterina posted this 7 hours ago


If you may use the FC 12 Release1 version without the error we recommend to do it. If you need the update, please update your complex to the last release and if the error still persists contact your regional support