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Lars Urban posted this 31 July 2019

Hello All,

is there a way that i can add this in a programatic way ?
I Merge at this time a value from a other place to the purchase order group.
But it was only added in "Background"  --> means, when i click on Add Purchse Order Item it is prefilled.


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Lars Urban posted this 05 August 2019

No Idea ? =`(

hawkeye69 posted this 07 August 2019

Well, in the FCI demo there is a workflow stage called "Clear Line Items". This is backwards, it deletes. But there is an "AddNew" method. Perhaps this will get you going. Code below.


if (Document.Field("Invoice Layout\\PurchaseOrder").Items.Count == 0)


    for (int i = Document.Field("Invoice Layout\\LineItems").Items.Count - 1; i >= 0; i--)


        IField  objDeleteField = Document.Field("Invoice Layout\\LineItems").Items[i];

        Document.Field("Invoice Layout\\LineItems").Items.Delete(objDeleteField);




Lars Urban posted this 06 September 2019

Hi Adrian,

thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction ;-)

In the meantime we have added a script inside the Document definition --> Event Handler --> After document state changed


using System;      

if(Document.Field("Invoice Layout\\spec_Add_FL\\PurchaseOrderFL").Text != "")
        Document.Field( "Invoice Layout\\PurchaseOrder" ).Items.AddNew( 0 );       

// Check again the rules


But one more question, you say "FCI demo" , i can not really find that in our installation ;-)