Adding new Queue to verification station

  • Last Post 30 March 2020
Tamasa posted this 27 March 2020

Is possible to add extra queue defined by user (or programmer) in verification station ? eg. I want to add queue which will be holding rejected documents. Exceptions and Verification queues are added by default. If it is possible then how I achieve it ?

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Vladimir.Dimitrijevic posted this 27 March 2020

Hi Tamasa,

To add new queue, you would need to add new Workflow Stage, by using Project Setup Station. Choose in menu Project -> Project Properties -> Workflow and add new stage there. Maybe your project is set to use Batch Type, so you would add stage in Batch type then.

It depends on your business requirements how you want to process rejected document, you should describe it in detail how you want to process it.


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Tamasa posted this 30 March 2020

Thank you Vladimir for your quick response.

My business requierment is when operator decides that a concrete document is invalid then sends it to this stage and those documents will stay there for some time. if given time will pass then those documents will be automatically deleted

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Vladimir.Dimitrijevic posted this 30 March 2020

Hi Tamasa,

OK, it is clear now, verification user will reject the document from Verification stage and then document will skip all other stages and will be routed to the Rejection stage. 

To create such functionality, first you have to create new worfklow stage and then you have at least 2 options: create popup window with rejection reasons, or the easiest one- to add one checkmark to mark document as rejected.

If you add checkmark, you can control if the document is rejected by checking its value in Entry Condition of Rejection stage.

Using popup window with rejection reasons could be job for more experienced FlexiCapture developers. It would be necessary to add custom button using Stage tools, and then create popup window in C# using Visual Studio and import dll to FC project. This solution is limiting human error, which is for sure higher when just adding checkmark to reject document. 

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