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DusanS posted this 09 February 2017

We want to add Additional FlexiLayout to Invoice Layout document definition. We can do it without any problem, but we are constantly getting warnings that additional flexi layout does not have same Prerecognition settings.

Screenshot is in attachment.


Could you please share with us some default parameters or recommendations related to additional Flexi Layout?


Thank you!

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MikeD posted this 09 February 2017

Hi, as a start you could try this.  In FlexiLayout studio with the desired layout open, select FlexiLayout>Properties. Make sure the pre-recognition text language(s) on the General tab are consistent with the rest of your settings.  Could be something else altogether but that's where I'd start.

Ekaterina posted this 10 February 2017


In addition, you shoud check if the pre-recognition modes match in the FLS and in the section's properties in DocDef Editor

DusanS posted this 13 February 2017

Thank you Ekaterina.

I had different settings. Your proposal did the trick.