Adjustment of Field-Content

  • Last Post 11 April 2018
Lennart Hagemann posted this 28 March 2018


I'm already familiar with the auto-correction of the fields' content (e.g. replace some parts, delete specific characters etc.). I do have a specific case, where my options might be limited:

I'm capturing specific strings (reference numbers) which follow the format "TRSHB-"NNNNNNNN"-"NNNN. This is the correct way of writing our reference numbers and the format is required for the following process. Our customers often write our reference-number in different ways: they ignore the "TRSHB" , the "-", put extra characters into the number (e.g. / or _) or forget letters in the "TRSHB".

For those cases, where it's obvious that there is no "real" mistake, which could be corrected by adding a string or a letter, is it possible to correct the content with flexicapture? Obviously for those strings, where whole digits are missing, there's no chance to correct the content automatically.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 11 April 2018

Hi Lennart,

I had similar issue, had PO Number in format NNNNN/NN.NNNNNN . Sometimes, last 6 digits could also be 4. Sometimes also there could be space between these digits. I have solved it by using regular expression, but needed some time.

Maybe you can also extract values from this string and check against the reference numbers in database. 

Best regards,