API reference GetTask() and SendTask() is not work

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Ivan posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi all,

I had referred the following topics from forum.



Below is my part of code


FC11Ver3.FlexiCaptureWebServiceApiVersion3 service = new FC11Ver3.FlexiCaptureWebServiceApiVersion3();

            service.Url = string.Format("http://{0}/FlexiCapture11/Server/WebServices.dll?Handler=Version3", serverUrl);

            service.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(userName, password);

            int roleType = 12; // User station operator role

            int stationType = 10; // User station

            int sessionId = service.OpenSession(roleType, stationType); //I also try with (6,3)

            int userId = service.FindUser(userName);



I can AddNewImage and processBatch correctly. Besides, I can get BatchId and DocumentId too.

But there are two method can't work.


In the GetBatchPercentCompleted while loop, no matter what I change the parameters, the getTask() always return 0(In task tab of admin console I can see the real taskID).

int taskId = service.GetTask(sessionId, projectId, 500, false, false); //I also change 500 to 100,200,1000 and so on.


I also try two methods, but only CreateTask worked

service.CreateTask(sessionId, 5688, 2, "TEST", 0, docids.ToArray(), false);//worked, 5688 is the number in DB processingStage.ID

service.SendTask(sessionId, 963719, 5670, "TEST"); //no effect, 963761 is the another exist taskID waiting in verification stage, but I want to send it to 5670 exception stage by web service.

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Ekaterina posted this 4 weeks ago


Do you perform OpenTask() call prior to trying any other actions with an existing task?


Ivan posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Ekaterina,

It seems OpenTask() need to pass the parameter taskId, but I can't get the correct taskId in issue#1.

It may related to issue#2 only, I will try use OpenTask() before SendTask() after I can get taskId in advance.