Arabic text not getting recognized

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MOHIT MITTAL posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi i have created a flexilayout for Arabic text document. I have selected the recognition language as arabic(Saudi Arabia).

When i recognize the file in project setup station it is recognizing the text in English language. I have given Arabic language in project properties as well as in document definition properties. 

What might be the cause for this and how to rectify this?


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Rahul Kapoor posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Mohit,

I'm currently working with Arabic text and it's working fine with me. You can see the attached picture below for reference. Could you please share any sample document? You can mask any confidential information from the document.


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Dusan posted this 3 weeks ago

I can agree with Rahul..,

What is important to use latest FlexiCapture version.



instacaptain posted this 3 weeks ago

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pxsubra posted this 3 weeks ago

@Mohit, I had the same issue. When you create a Document Definition, include the Language as "Arabic"

Project --> Document Definition --> New --> Semistructured --> imagefile & flexilayout load --> Select Languages as "Arabic"



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