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smoothwood posted this 6 days ago

Hello There,

I want to know if Scanning Station can observe a folder and when a new document sent to that folder, Scanning Station can automatically scan and send that document to FlexiCatpture instead of clicking the "Scan Pages" and "Send to" buttons in Scanning Station? If Scanning Station can do that, please let me know how to do that.

Another question I have is I want to know if there is way to show the verification result in a web page so agent(s) can see the result on the web page instead of going to Verification Station

My third question is when the result exported to a file, is there a way for FlexiCapture to call a web service of third party application to send the exported file to third party?


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Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 4 days ago


1. You can use Hot Folder settings to import files from directory. 

2. What kind of web page, your custom web page, or page from FlexiCapture?

3. You can add additional stage after export. In this additional stage you will have to write a script to call a web service. 

Best regards,

smoothwood posted this 2 days ago

Hello Vladimir,

Thanks for your reply, for the third answer, could you please give me a detailed example? As I am not familiar with adding addtional stage and writing the script in FlexiCapture at all.



Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 2 days ago

Hi Donald,

I will give you fastest solution, not the best practice. You can change default workflow and add additional stages, in tab Workflow:
a. in Project Properties
b. in Batch Type (if you have already added batch type).

After Export you will need to add new custom stage in which you will execute your code. You can use C#, and you can call web service similar like you are calling from your other apps...

To add workflow stage, you need to:
1. Click on "+ Stage..." button, Set base settings to Automatic and click on button OK. 
2. Name your script in General tab 
3. In Script tab, set type to Document Processing and click on Edit Script
4. Add your code and close the script

You need to customize Export in document definition, so tiff files will be named as DocumentID.tif. (If your Document.Id is 00012345, it will be located at ~\ExportPath\00012345.tif). Happy coding!

Best regards,

smoothwood posted this 2 days ago

Thanks very much Vladimir, very helpful!

smoothwood posted this 10 hours ago

Hello Vladimir,

 For the second question:

I want to know if there is web client we can access the Verification Station, custom web page or page from FlexiCapture both are fine. On the web client, user can verify data and correct data as needed.

Not sure if this kind of web client provided by FlexiCapture or we need to build it from the scratch?