Barcode orientation recognition issue

  • Last Post 14 May 2018
x610 posted this 27 April 2018


We read PDF147 barcode on US Driver's License, but experiencing an issue with correct orientation detection. I have set Autodetect page orientation everywhere, but it still does not recognize it.

See attached examples. Vertical image is not recognized.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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AlexeyEfremov posted this 28 April 2018


The reason of the issue is not an orientation, but the resolution of the image. The horizontal orientation image you have provided has no resolution specified, so FC detects resolution based on text size and it turns out correct, so the barcode is detected.

But the resolution of the "vertical" image is 72 dpi and is way lower the recommended for FC (300dpi). The barcode is too large for the image, so the detection fails.

Attached you will find your image converted to 300dpi resolution. The barcode is fully recognizable.


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x610 posted this 11 May 2018

Hello Alexey,

Thanks for your response and I'm sorry for the delayed answer.

I have tried image you have attached, but it didn't work. Still does not recognize it unless image is horizontal.

If you have tested it by creating FlexiLayout, could you please share it or let me know what and where configuration you set?

Thanks for your help!

AlexeyEfremov posted this 14 May 2018



you can find my project for FC11. If it is not forking for you, please let me know your exact version of FC (Project Setup Station > Help > About) so I could give you a sample that can be opened on your version.