Can Operator see the history of tasks she/he already processed in Verification Station

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Question 1 :Can Operator see the history of tasks she/he already processed in Verification Station

Please consider that I am using Verification Station of Desktop version  and Senior Operator role for this question

I knew that queues and batches are there and currently using Flexicapture 12 Distributed version .

Some times operator wants to see their  past work to refer for current task

Is that possible to show it in Queues - my history of task

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AlexeyEfremov posted this 01 March 2018


I am sorry to keep you waited so long. Unfortunately, there is no way to see previous tasks the operator has processed, but there is a way to see the batches, that user has verified.

For this you need to create a Batch Processing stage after Verification with the following code:

//code start

string verifier = string.Empty;

if(Batch.Documents != null and Batch.Documents.Count >0)


    verifier = Batch.Documents[0].Property("VerifiedBy").ToString();


Batch.Properties.Set("VerifiedBy", verifier);

//code end

On how to create a custom processing stage, please see the article "Creating processing stages" in the help file.

Now to see the batches the specific operator has processed, Senior verification operator can filter all the batches by the registration parameter "VerifiedBy" using the filter "Batches with specific registration parameter..."

Note also, that you can write only the latest verifier to registration parameter of the batch by comparing the property "Verified" of all the documents of the batch, that contains latest verification time, in the same script.

You can read about different properties of the document in the article "Using scropts in ABBYY FlexiCapture > Scripts for customizint processing stages > Objects > IDocument "

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Your sincerely,


Technical consultant