Can we eliminate the Login Page of Web Verification Station?

  • Last Post 25 February 2019
Sunil Edupuganti posted this 23 January 2019


I have embedded the Web-Verification station to my web application via Iframe. So, Now i want to eliminate the Login Page of the Web Verification Station. Is it possible?

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Ekaterina posted this 01 February 2019


Could you please clarify what product do you use (FC11 or FC12)?

Sunil Edupuganti posted this 01 February 2019

Hi Ekaterina,

I am using FC12

Ekaterina posted this 25 February 2019


If you want to integrate your system with Verification Station without additional authentication, you may use the Single Sign-On technology. Please see the link If you want to eliminate the logo – this feature cannot be implemented.