Canadian Currency - Decimal For Cost is a comma

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ElliotG posted this 30 July 2019

Good Afternoon,

I am running into an issue trying to read a currency in ABBYY where the invoice has cost as the follow:

22 868,25 $

ABBYY is capturing the whole field but representing it incorrectly.  I have tried using a character string and a currency field.  The currency field doesn't grab the whole cost, the character string results in the attached.

Anyone run into this before?


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MikeD posted this 3 weeks ago

Yes, all the time.  Try playing around with different "normalization settings" in your corresponding field inside the document definition.  Here you can choose how numbers should be grouped within a given string, which separators to allow etc.  It won't always work and sometimes you can end up introducing "ambiguity" which would require scripting in order to resolve.  It can get rather complicated. 

What I mean is, if you allow a comma as a separator at the "thousands" position, if this is misread as a decimal, and the actual decimal value is read correctly, you end up with 2 decimal values, from which the system will not be able to decide which is correct.  This is where scripting comes in.  For instance, you could do a comparison between the unit value as captured vs the value obtained by dividing the line total by the quantity.  At this point you could programmatically select the unit value closest to the result obtained from this operation.