Capturing table data in FlexiLayout - border lines affecting data capture

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Melisa Uy posted this 2 weeks ago



In my document, I need to capture this payment table on a document.

In flexi layout, I created TABLE and it is able to correctly detect the 2 columns (Due Date and Amount) which I have specified.


However, when I process this document, I find that the captured data are not accurate because of the table border lines. Is it possible to fix this? I also tried to detect a text block (i specified a fixed coordinate and it is also returning garbage data)


I attached -> sample table, table in flexi layout, and the data capture on Verification stage


Any ideas?

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Melisa Uy posted this 6 days ago


I also tried changing the marking type.

1) Go to Project Setup Station

2) Edit Document Definition

3) Right click "Field" > Properties

4) Go to Recognition tab > Marking type


It also did not help, I am still getting garbage data.


Any ideas? Or is it data issue already?

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