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Abbyy_user0707 posted this 04 April 2019

I have created classifier project and its classifying properly. I need to use this article "".

This is my scenario, I have 70-80 page documents in that I need to extract fields only from 4-5 pages remaining will be no use. If I load this document my page count will be reduced too fast. Is there any way to avoid this kind of situation?

At least, can I split up that required documents from that 70 pages using the above article. If yes, please guide me?


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Ekaterina posted this 14 May 2019

Hello, Note that the license counts after recognition, so if you define the page as annex the license counter will increase.

Abbyy_user0707 posted this 14 May 2019

Ok, just tell me, Can I use this article "" to export images alone at least?. If yes, please guide me, how? Why there is no update regarding this

Ekaterina posted this 29 August 2019


What do you mean when you speak about "export images alone"?

Yes, you may use this article but the license will increase per each page.

Abbyy_user0707 posted this 29 August 2019

I would like to export only few pages from the 100 page document based on the keyword. Is that possible. Is yes, How?? please help

Ekaterina posted this 30 August 2019


Yes, it is possible. But could you please clarify what kind of support do you want to obtain? You may do not save or export unnecessary pages...

Abbyy_user0707 posted this 18 September 2019

I dont want to save unnecessary pages.. I want to export the pages from the multi page documents using keyword