classify one and two page invoices in Document definition

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MANOJ JHA posted this 04 October 2018

Hi everyone,

I want to separate one and two page invoices in separate Document definition. I have One page and Two page Document definition in FC but i am not understanding how can i make them to get correct Document definition. 

I think it can work by using header and footer, I even tried but it is not working either. 

So if any one have better solution to differentiate one and two page invoice in FC then please help me to do that.



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Ekaterina posted this 11 October 2018


Please upload FC/FLS projects  and samples archived with password-protection on any file storage by your choice (for example, it may be dropbox), and then send us the link and the password by private message on this forum.

MANOJ JHA posted this 11 October 2018

Hello Ekaterina,

Thanks for your response.

I am sharing a GDrive link with you. I hope you get my query but still if you need any clarification then please ask.

How can i send you private message of password. as your profile option showing you have exceeded the limit of inboc message.


Thanks and Regards,


Ekaterina posted this 17 October 2018


Thank you for the provided project. Could you please describe your scenario and the desired result?

MANOJ JHA posted this 17 October 2018

Hi Ekaterina,

I have one and two page invoices that i want to keep separate in FC. I want to have "one page prod" and "Two page prod" Document definition for separate invoices. I used header and footer in layout for two page invoice but because invoices are unstructured with lots of varieties design, That is why I  am not getting correct header and footer for all invoices so it is not working for separate page.

so I am looking for solution that can separate any type of one and two page invoices in FC . 


Ekaterina posted this 17 October 2018


Is it possible for you to assemble your documents manually?

In any case we need some formal criteria to assemble documents by the program.

Please describe how the documents in the provided project should be assembled

MANOJ JHA posted this 17 October 2018


I am not sure what actually you're asking me to do, but I am attaching a screenshot of FC which is exactly what i want to do.


Ekaterina posted this 29 October 2018


Please address your question to the regional support, as the amount of required work exceeds the forum's scope.

When you will collect the materials for the regional support, please provide detailed description, how the sample documents you are sending should be assembled - which ones are 1-paged and which ones are 2-paged. 

It is not obvious to understand it from your batch, so please mark how you want to assemble them.