Clearing results and splitting documents programmatically

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caso-rw-smith posted this 13 February 2018


I'm looking for a way to clear results and split documents into pages with script, preferably with a button at the top of verifier. I have written something that WOULD do so from a button however the batch is read only from that point. Now I'm looking at doing this from modifying the SQL tables directly, however I can do everything except split. I was able to remove the matched document definition and left with the form <Unprocessed> (for doc) and <Unknown Page> for page.


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AlexeyEfremov posted this 01 March 2018


I am sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. By the link below you can find the example of the OnUserCommand script, that splits all the documents and then combines them according to the one specific field value

Hope you will find it useful.


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caso-rw-smith posted this 01 March 2018

This is awesome, Thank you Alexey!