Combine documents of Multiple document definitions into single assembly

  • Last Post 05 August 2019
Mohammed Yunus posted this 12 July 2019



      How can I combine documents of different format into same assembly? 

For example, Let's say I have a pdf document with 3 pages. I send it to ABBYY processing station through UiPath. So, now I can get only one Assembly output. The problem is, if the pages are of different document definitions, Abbyy separates them in to different assemblies and I am able to get only the first page's extraction as output.

I need a workaround with either ABBYY, combining different documents into single assembly, or with UiPath, to get the output of the all the pages, regardless of the assembly.

pavanh003 posted this 05 August 2019


I think in template creation you can give the number of pages as more than 1 may be 10 and have single afl file with different types of layouts and then a single doc def to extract data from multiple types of files.



Pavan H