Combine images having same keyword

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samsay posted this 14 May 2018


I want to combine pdf images with same keyword and export it as a single pdf image with that keyword name.

For eg. keyword is "DOCS OF SAM"  and it is on every page for eg from 3 to page 11.So i want to combine all these pdf images as a single pdf image , rename as "DOCS OF SAM" and export as a pdf.

Help will be appreciated. If there is any script , let me also know he script. Thanks

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Ekaterina posted this 15 May 2018


Please pay attention on this articles:

Operating a configured project > Verification of recognized data > Assembling pages into documents

Program settings > Document Definitions > Creating Document Definitions for multipage documents

Then use the “Export all documents to one file” option in the Export settings

samsay posted this 22 May 2018

Can you clarify more with eg. keyword "DOCS OF SAM" . Will be thankful

Ekaterina posted this 23 May 2018


Could you please send us the sample images?

AlexeyEfremov posted this 23 May 2018

The thing is. you cannot export several documents as one pdf without combining them.

You can create a flexilayout that recognizes "DOCS OF SAM" and then try the script from this topic:

samsay posted this 05 June 2018