Continue Line Items in non-invoice project

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diskoboy posted this 23 January 2019

I have created a general project where we process account statements from our vendors. It works okay, but I'm missing the functionality to "Continue Line Items" and "Reanalyze Line Items Below".

Looking in the help file, it's mentioned that I must use the invoice project to get this functionality. We have a license for the invoice-project. Can I enable it in my own project?

Also in the manual it says:


Note: For the and Reanalyze Line Items Below commands to be operational, the vendor's or purchaser's country must be known to the program, i.e. the corresponding field on the data form must be completed.


Note: For the Reanalyze Line Items Below command to be operational, enable the Has table layout option in the Document Definition (for details, see General field properties).

I'm really not planning to make any integrations to other system for validation ect. I just need to read the VAT number, item lines and a few other informations on the account statement, so I don't see any reason for setting up country validation.

Isn't it possible to something to avoid this?


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Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 24 January 2019


When creating new project, you can set "invoice processing" in Project Type dropdown list, basically this is invoice project. I will let you know if I find the possibility to change the project type.

Best regards,

diskoboy posted this 28 January 2019


Of cource, the only "problem" is that I then have a lot of functionality that I have no intention of using. It would be easier to make a general project with only the absolutely necessary like finding the vendor (for example using datasets like in the invoice project) and the read the lines.

diskoboy posted this 01 February 2019

I've created a invoice project, exported the flexilayout, created my own table and imported that again. It works almost as it should.

However both when creating a general project and also a invoice project, it won't let me  "Continue Line Items" since I've can't set the "Has table layout".

In case it has not found any lines, I want the user to be able to point out the lines and let FC recognize the rest of the lines.

How do I do this with a "custom made" table in FLS ?

diskoboy posted this 22 May 2019

One other question. In my invoice projects I have "Continue Line Items" on the tables in the normal client.


Can anyone confirm if the same functionality is available in the "Web Verification" (running version

Ekaterina posted this 11 September 2019


The "Continue Line Items" function is not supported on the Web Verification Station. But in the R3 (ETA 20 Sept) the functionality of the Web Stations will be expanded so let’s wait the release notes.