Copy exisitng users to Abbyy FC 11 database

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Sergei Yendiyarov posted this 11 September 2017

Hello everone!

I have the following question:

We use Abbyy FlexiCapture 11 (web version) with FlexiCapture Authorization (users and their credentials are stored in the FlexiCapture database).

We also have our own database which also stores info about users and credentials.

Is it possible to somehow replicate our database users in Abbyy FC database without recreating them manually from web interface? (typing all users is error prone and inefficient, we have around 700 exisitng users).


What should we do?


Best regards,





Ekaterina posted this 13 September 2017


In general, you'll be able to bulk copy all your users directly into dbo.Principal table of FC11 database, but you'll have to re-create their passwords, as passwords are stored as hashes and cannot be copied directly.


Here is the scenario:

- Register one user with the known password in the FlexiCapture using the Authentication module. 

- Open the FC11 database and in the dbo.Principal table find the record with this user

- Copy the hash that corresponds to the user's password in the “PasswordHash” column.

- Add other users' names in the dbo.Principal directly and fill their “PasswordHash” columns with the copied hash. 

- Now these users will be able to log in with the same password the original user had. If you set “1” in the “PasswordReset” field, the user will have to change password after the first logging in.