Copy value in another field which is editable

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sara posted this 20 March 2019


I want to copy value of one field to another field. I can do it by "merge" command but then it becomes non editable.

What can be the best way to copy value in another field and make it editable?

Thanks in advance.

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Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 22 March 2019


You should then create rule script and add the value from the code directly, for example:

Context.Field("DestinationField").Text = Context.Field("SourceField").Text;

You also have to add condition to execute this rule only if the DestinationField is empty. 

Best regards,

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sara posted this 25 March 2019

Thanks Vladimir. It worked..!!!

But sometimes for another group i get an error message " A  group can change only child fields of that group". What can be this? 

Sandeep Yerramsetti posted this 3 weeks ago


I am getting the same error. How did you solve it? (A  group can change only child fields of that group)

I have 2 fields and based on a few conditions I've to copy from Field 1 to Field 2.

1. Order number in Purchase order group 

2. Field 2


if I write my script in the Order number, I'm getting this error.

if I write in Field2, I can't read the order number.

sara posted this 2 weeks ago

 Hi Sandeep,

Still i couldn't resolve this.Looking for solution.