Correct the whole batch during the Verification step

  • Last Post 09 December 2019
decibel83 posted this 19 August 2019


in a FlexiCapture 12 project I added a custom workflow stage which checks if the number of documents in the Batch is equal to the value of a Batch registration parameter.

If it is different the whole Batch is sent to Verification because some barcodes was not correctly recognised (as documents are separated by barcodes).

But operators could make mistakes, so I need to let them to edit the value of that registration parameter if the batch has a non-standard number of documents and/or operator mistakenly changed it at the creation of the Batch.

So I added a new field into the Document Definition which takes the value of the Batch Registration Parameter by default, and which can be modified by operators. I then created a field check rule which checks if that number is equal to the number of documents in the batch. If it is, the script will copy the new number to the Batch Registration parameter and the batch can be sent to export.

But every batch contains many documents, and time is never enough so when operators modify the number in the field I want it to be replicated to every documents in the batch so operators does not need to manually edit all other documents into the same batch and they will be automatically verified.

Unfortunately I see that I cannot access to other documents from a rule check script.

Is there any other way I can use to do what I want?


Ekaterina posted this 09 December 2019


Is it possible for your purpose to use document sets instead this schema with registration parameters?