Creation Date Sorting on Web Verification is not working as expected

  • Last Post 22 March 2018
abbyyuser posted this 17 March 2018


I am using FlexiCapture 11 (

On the Tasks Verification screen of Web Verification, the "Creation Date" sorting is not working as expected. Please refer to the attached image for more information.



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Ekaterina posted this 21 March 2018


Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this behavior in our side because it is unusual situation when the tasks hang on so long (about 6 months as we see on the screenshot). Please address this issue to the regional support.

abbyyuser posted this 21 March 2018

Hi Ekaterina,

I forgot to mention that the screenshot was from my development machine, which I rarely used until recently.

It is not the issue with the tasks hang on so long, but with the sorting of the records when clicking on the "Creation Date" title link.

From what I see, the sorting seems to be in Alphabetical order rather than Date order.




Ekaterina posted this 22 March 2018


In any case, this issue needs deeper investigation then forum format allows. Please send your project and some sample images to your regional support.