Cursor focus is not in sequence in Line Items

  • Last Post 20 March 2018
samsay posted this 13 March 2018

Hi, my cursor focus jumps inappropriately between line items. It jumps from one field to another field in non sequential manner, whereas it should move from left to right sequentially. What could be the reason for this?

Help appreciated.

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PhinkTad posted this 14 March 2018

Hi Samir,

There's a setting in the document definition editor
Take a backup of your document definition before you attempt this..

From the menu, select, Form->Tab Order...then select custom, then auto arrange.
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samsay posted this 16 March 2018

I tried this but still not solved.

Ekaterina posted this 19 March 2018


Could you please clarify what build of the FC do you use?

Please send us your project and sample images to reproduce the issue.

samsay posted this 19 March 2018

I am using FC11 for Invoices. It may nobe possbile to send project due to some reason, only thing is that cursor jumps to various fields in Line Items section.

Ekaterina posted this 20 March 2018


Thank you for answers. We've addressed the questions about this behavior  to the HQ.