DB export issue

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Abbyy_user0707 posted this 29 November 2017

While exporting the output we are facing this issue : [Processing error]:

Export to ODBC-compatible database: ROW-00001: Cannot allocate memoryۤt. Please help

Ekaterina posted this 30 November 2017

The error you have mentioned is originated not from the FlexiCapture itself, but most probably from the database used by your complex (is it Oracle?).

According to the most popular answers on the related resources, you may

1. Check if you have enough memory for your database. 

2. Ensure if you have last version of your database and DB server and upgrade them if it is possible. 

3. Restart, if possible, may also help.

4. If the error persists, please describe the structure of your FC complex, and other used components such as DB, in more details and address this issue to your regional support. Please mention if the complex was ever able to work with the DB properly.

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