Define Multiple Footer elements. One element recognized and another one is not recognizing.

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prabu selvam posted this 03 January 2020


 I defined multiple Footer elements [Footer1 and Footer2] in the document. 

In case 1: Both Footer elements occur on the same page.. It works as expected.

In Case 2: Footer 1 occurs in one page [For Eg. Page 1] Footer 2 occurs in the next page [For Eg. Page 2]. In this case, Footer 1 recognized successfully but Footer 2 is not recognized.

May I know what could be the problem here ? Any work around for this problem? 

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prabu selvam posted this 14 January 2020

Can anyone please help me ?

Abbyy_user0707 posted this 3 weeks ago

Footer is to identify the last page of the document based on keyword. The Footer element is positioned on the last page of the document and may not occur on the preceding pages. I understand your issue, may I know the exact requirement?

prabu selvam posted this 3 weeks ago

 Thanks for your reply.. My issue is I have defined 2 different keywords as Footers [Footer 1 and Footer 2 ] Both are required.

if Invoice is single page, BOT was able to find both keywords. If invoice is multiple page [For Instance 2 Page invoice], Keyword1 comes in Page 1 and Keyword2 comes in Page 2. In this case, BOT finds Keyword1 in Page 1 and stopped its process to find Keyword2 in Page 2 so this invoice goes Unrecognized state due to Keyword2 [since its required element].

I could understand when BOT finds keyword1, it determines its the last page of the document. I am looking for any work around for this kind of case :)