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Melisa Uy posted this 1 weeks ago



I was wondering if there is a way to check for mandatory documents before "Recognition" stage?

Basically, check first if all documents are present, like doc1 and doc2, then proceed with character recognition?

Is it possible?




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Ekaterina posted this 1 weeks ago

To understand that the uploaded images form "doc1" and "doc2", FlexiCapture should perform the Recognition first.
If you have other criteria how the program should "understand" that there are doc1 and doc2 _before_ Recognition, please describe them and we will try to give you more accurate advice.

Melisa Uy posted this 1 weeks ago

Hi Ekaterina!

Thanks for the quick response.

Hmm... basically this pre-recognition stage just needs to detect if all mandatory documents are present. But there lies the problem, because to determine the document type, I scan header/footer fields that I created.

Ok to describe my document definition in detail, I have 10-14 documents defined and I set some as mandatory or optional. so currently, after recognition it will be able to check that this set has missing x documents and thus it will go to exception. We are exploring some solution so ABBYY will automatically reject this batch ( because of missing mandatory docs)

Thanks Thanks :) :) :)

Ekaterina posted this 3 days ago


For your purpose you may use document sets. Please see the "Document sets" article in the FC12 Administrator's Help:

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Melisa Uy posted this yesterday

Wow! Thanks Ekaterina :) I will definitely look into it