different resolution and size of region in ABBYY FlexiLayout

  • Last Post 26 December 2018
zykuak posted this 26 December 2018

In the image file link attached, it shows a sample document scanned at 150 DPI and 300 DPI.


This will result in images which are in different sizes (300 DPI is larger), the text on the image (e.g. the name field) will also be different size.

When creating a region to detect name in FlexiLayout studio, is there any way to make it flexible so it can cater for image of different sizes?
For certain documents, e.g. ID Cards, if scanned by customer, the scanning resolution will not be known.

Or alternatively, can ABBYY resize the image automatically so text can be detected using the same region size?





Ekaterina posted this 26 December 2018


FlexiLayout Studio uses units of measurement that are adapted to different resolution and different size in pixels, when the resolution is known, please see the Help article

When the resolution is unknown, some techniques that operate with relative heights/widths can be used. For example, the distance between elements can be measured not in absolute dot/inch/etc coordinates, but relatively to other elements heights or widths:

Below: StaticText.Bottom - StaticText.Height/3;
LeftOf: StaticText.Right - StaticText.Width/2;
RightOf: PageRect.Width * 3 /4;

These types of relations are proof vs unknown resolution. They should be written in "Advanced pre-search" relation tab of FlexiLayout element.