Display Dataset values into a table

  • Last Post 16 April 2018
samsay posted this 26 March 2018

Hi, can we display or pull up dataset values into a table or particular column of the dataset to a column on extracted data form?

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Ekaterina posted this 16 April 2018


You need to create script rule.

Some samples you may find here: http://www.capturedocs.com/thread/3972-using-datasets-in-field-rules-scripts-abbyy-flexicapture-for-invoices/

Collins Sarmento posted this 16 April 2018

Hi Samir, 


You can also mapp these to a database lookup on the dataset.

  • Create dataset.
  • Add db lookup rule to table.
  • Set field properties to search and exact match for columns that should match database exactly.
  • Set the field properties to not search & enter value from database for the fields you wish to return from the data set.

This will return the columns from the dataset using the extracted fields to find them. 


ex. Invoice PO Line items could use the article number on the invoice to return a normalized description for the line.