Document Verification on Web Station

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semicolon87 posted this 28 April 2018

Good day.




I am trying to setup 'n verification section on a web application so users can on the web verify Extracted documents. ie. the Verification screen on a web interface.




I have read through these links:




The Web Verification Station works via the Internet. For connection to the station, either Basic authentication or authentication by means of FlexiCapture Authentication Module can be used. For login to the station, use the link http://<ApplicationServer>/FlexiCapture12/Verification where <ApplicationServer> is the name of the computer on which the Application Server is installed.


There does not seem to be more information regarding the <Application Server> setup and installation.


Do I need to install additional features to the system in order for it to work?


The above link has some more detail, but I still need to find out where to "Start" to get the station up and running/called from server in order to display it using some markup:


<stationUrl>/WinAuth/Verify?projectId=[project identifier]&roleId=[role identifier]&stageId=[stage identifier]&taskId=[task identifier]&returnTo=DeadEnd?mode=mini




Any help/links will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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semicolon87 posted this 29 April 2018

To Add, my App is a .NETCore2 Web application so I cannot use the builtin Sample Project (Hello Visual Component) which uses Windows.Forms on the .Net Framework

This is why I need to have the verification on the Web.


Ekaterina posted this 04 May 2018


If the Authentication Module is already installed, you do not need any additional features.

semicolon87 posted this 04 May 2018

Good day Ekaterina, Is this part of the ABBYY 12 Flexicapture Standalone installation?

Ekaterina posted this 04 May 2018


The Authentication Module installation is possible only for Distributed version

semicolon87 posted this 04 May 2018

I will have to contact our admin with regards to the licenses we have.

Is the Distributed version linked to a serial number type? (Can i get a link to the software?)

This is the Runtime license we have:

"ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 Runtime License"

Then a few other Developer Licenses and a Flexi Layout Studio License.

Ekaterina posted this 07 May 2018


Unfortunately ABBYY SDK products go out of scope of this forum.
Please describe your scenario and
licenses that you have and address your question to OCR SDK forum or Technical support serving your region.