documents stuck in verification, only documents with 100% confidence level gets exported

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Didzis posted this 11 January 2018

Hello, i have created document definitions with Flexy Layout and it is working fine if documents are verified at 100% then auto export works fine, if document confidence level is lower than 100% all docs stuck and is not exported.

I have set only two fields for data recognition, should i need to add some more or what should i need to do to export docs with lower precentage ? 

Please help and thanks 

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Ekaterina posted this 12 January 2018



If you have simple workflow please use “Process whole batches” and “skip verification if percentage of characters equal or less than <number>” options, If you have advanced workflow please use “Wait all documents in the batch” option and customize verification percent rule on the entry conditions tab.




Didzis posted this 12 January 2018

Hello thanks for your answer, i am using flexycapture 11 standalone version, and i cant find that settings, under project properties 

i have only Skip verification and data verification if precentage ..........  i dont have any other options. Also i dont see option to switch from simple to advanced workflow option....

Ekaterina posted this 15 January 2018


Unfortunately, standalone version has some restrictions. It does not contain an advanced workflow. Please use “Skip verification and data verification if percentage... ” option.