Edit documentDefinition's field from "After Document State Changed" event

  • Last Post 31 May 2019
Sreeju Padmanabhan posted this 10 April 2019

I need to clear the Vendor details , when the registration parameter fc_Predefined:InvoiceIsVendorSuspicious = true.

For that I am trying to write a script inside the event After Document State Changed . For that I need to access the vendor field of the document. But getting error as No field with name 'Vendor'. Anybody suggest a solution for this.

Sample code I am trying.....

bool isv = Document.Properties.Get("InvoiceIsVendorSuspicious") == "true";



            Document.Field("VendorName").Text = "";


Ekaterina posted this 31 May 2019


If you try to access the field via the event handler you should use the full  name of the field that includes the Document Definition name, Section name, field’s name