Exception stage on web station

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sara posted this 5 weeks ago


When i load some documents on verification station, batch goes to exception stage. When i open documents in exception stage , cant figure out why documents are being stuck there. Also sometimes documents are without applied document definition. Can someone tell how we would come to which document has caused problem leading batch to exception stage? How to find it?

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Ekaterina posted this 3 weeks ago


To discover why your documents went to the exception stage you may analyzed Processing station logs or logs in the Administrator and Monitoring Console. 

sara posted this 3 weeks ago

Thanks Ekaterina. How to access administrator console. Any permissions required?

Ekaterina posted this 2 weeks ago


To get access to the Administrator and Monitoring console you need to have Monitoring Operator or Administrator roles.

zykuak posted this 1 weeks ago

Hello, if the batch goes to exceptions stage during recognition, is the reason for exceptions stage stored in FlexiCapture, so I can extract it from script?


Example, during recognition, the batch has an error e.g. mandatory document does not exist, and it goes into the exceptions stage. Can I use a custom script to extract the error message (error is: mandatory doc does not exist)?