Export email processed and error files at same folder

  • Last Post 10 January 2018
rsorianc posted this 04 January 2018

We are facing a problematic with the exported files. We have a path to export processed documents and a path for error documents incomming from any email (with attachments). That way if for example we have an email with two attachments one a pdf and another a .zip, the exported files should go to error folder cause .zip is a file format not allowed by ABBYY to be processed.

The thing is that the email body and the pdf are processed and exported to the processed path while the .zip goes to the error path.

Is there any way to send the processed body and pdf along with the .zip to the "error" path folder?

We need to treat the whole batch as a unity, if something in the email cannot be processed we need everithing to be exported in error path folder.

Ekaterina posted this 10 January 2018


This task cannot be resolved directly by existing FlexiCapture features. We can suggest the following approaches:

1) the custom module that handles the e-mail import can be created and then connected to the FlexiCapture input

2) If you have access to e-mail body (e.g. it is attached to the batch), you may find the number of attachments and count, if something is missing in the processed documents. If such a situation is encountered, then the processed files should be moved to Exceptions to rejoin their corresponding .zip file. This approach, however, consumes the license.

Of course, more workarounds are possible, but for more detailed advices that would fit your situation the best way, please address your regional support.