Export processed output to email

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KofiB posted this 3 weeks ago


I am using ABBYY flexicapture to import images from a mailing group which is working ok however, I will like to know how to export my output back to the senders email address. Any help will be grealty appreciated.

PS: I am a novice in using ABBYY FlexiCapture

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Aida posted this 3 weeks ago


I am also interested in the develop something similar.

Which station should I configure this task in? I want to first export the output into a file and then attach the same to an email and send it back to the original sender. Can this be confirgured in the Project set up station?

Many thanks in advance.

Ekaterina posted this 3 weeks ago


When you import images from an e-mail folder using the MAPI or POP3 server protocols, information about the message will be automatically added to the registration parameters of the batch you are creating. (see "Registration Parameters" article in the Developer's Help). Then after processing you can use the sender e-mail to send the recognized data back by writing Custom Export script ("Using scripts in ABBYY FlexiCapture > Scripts for customizing processing stages > Types of scripts > Export script")

Aida posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello Ekaterina,


I am wondering, can you give us a simple example on how to access these registration parameters in the script code.

I am trying to do something like this, but I have my script located under Event Handers (After export completed), so the action triggers automatically after export is done. But it seems that I cannot access these parameters from here, by doing, for example:

senderEmail = Batch.Properties.Get("fc_Predefined:EmailSender")

I also tried by adding an custom stage in the workflow, after export and before processed, but even when my code is valid, the email is never sent.

A simple line or 2 lines of code example on how to get this parameter would be very useful.

Many thanks in advance.