Exporting only Exceptions from a Batch

  • Last Post 09 December 2019
azimmermann posted this 14 August 2019

Is there logic in FlexiCapture that will allow a batch to ONLY export documents that has Exceptions?

For example, we have 5 documents in the Batch. 2 documents have exceptions during export. So in our folder, 3 documents successfully exported. We go back into Exceptions and fix the problems, send through Export again, and now suddenly all 5 documents export. There should have only been 2 documents exporting during the second export after exceptions (the first 3 were already successful, so FlexiCapture should not have sent them again).

We have not been able to find a method in FlexiCapture, workflow, or scripting that allows us to do this. Anyone know of a way to make this work?



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The619 posted this 16 August 2019

Yes, you can enable this setting in the Export Setup.

azimmermann posted this 16 August 2019

@The619 what setting is that? I don't see anything specific to solve this issue in the Export Setup.

Ekaterina posted this 09 December 2019


You may create the additional export stage in the advanced workflow. The first stage will export only documents without errors and the second - all other ones.