FC 12 for Invoice Email Notification Setting in R1

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Ksawa posted this 20 February 2019


I use FC12 for Invoice R1. 

R1 does not have a email notification setting in Admin & monitoring console when errors/ warning are detected. 

I want to send an email when a document is sent to verification station. 

I set a rule when a document needs verification. I need a script that sends an email when the condition is met. 

Also I followed the steps described below.


However it does not work.

Here is what I did:

1. Added a workflow named EmailNotification in between Recognition and Verification stage. 

2. Selected automatic, set some rules in the entry condition. 

3. Added a script to write a txtfile below to see if it works. 

   using System;

using System.IO;

using(StreamWriter w = File.AppendText("C:/Log/log.txt"))


    w.Write("\r\nLog Entry : ");


What am I missing?

 I created the workflow in Workflow of the Project Properties because my batch is default. 

I tried creating a batch type and see if it works but did not. 


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Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 20 February 2019

Hi Ksawa,

Can you try with Document Processing? Right now is script is set as Batch processing type.

Best regards,

Ksawa posted this 20 February 2019


I tried Document Processing as well, but it did not work :(


What else am I missing?

Any ideas will help.



Thank you,


Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 20 February 2019


What about the Entry condition, can you please disable it and try again? Maybe the entry condition is not satisfied. Also, what about the permissions on that directory? You can always check event log and look for an issue there.

Best regards,

Ksawa posted this 20 February 2019

Hi Vladimir, 

Thank you for your prompt response. 

I selected "Always" in Entry Condition, but it does not work. It should always work when set "Always", correct?

I added "Everyone", shared the folder, and added permission to Everyone in the folder (C:/Log), but it does not work.

I checked Event Viewer if there are errors, but there are errors. 


Do you have any ideas? 


Thank you,


Ksawa posted this 21 February 2019

Hi Vladimir,


I found that when I put the EmailNotification stage before Verification stage, it does not work even though the entry condition is set as "Always". It seems like the EmailNotification stage is ignored.

Is there any restrictions for the entry conditions? I think the entry conditions are wrong. 

I tried another way below. 

In the Verification stage, I set two groups of entry conditions:  the first group has "the condition is not satisfied and Has rule errors"  and "the condition is satisfied and Percent of characters for verification satisfies the expression, more 2" so that if documents satisfy 98% without error, they automatically go to Export stage. 

The second group is Has rule error, Has assembling error, and Number of fields for compulsory verification satisfies the expression not equal 0. Under the second group, I set the script. 

This does not work neither. 

How do I set the conditions? Do you have any ideas?

I am so stuck. Please help. 

Ksawa posted this 22 February 2019

Hi Vladimir,

I figured out the problem.

In the Recognition stage, the exit route was set to Verification stage. That is why EmailNotification stage was ignored. 

Thank you for your help!