FC12 Training single and multi-page invoice with vendor details on the bottom of the last page.

  • Last Post 27 August 2019
Hammertime posted this 09 May 2019


I have a vendor that has the ABN at the top of the first page but the rest of their details a the footer of the last page of the invoice. Invoices may be 1 or many pages. In training batches I see that there are three single page invoices and one 2 page invoice. The fields are set properly in training but in recognition 2 fields are using the same extraction item. ie bank branch and bank account both now using bank branch.


What is the best way to train for this type of scenario?

What is best to perform when recognition is not equal to the training set? Retrain the existing or export and reconfigure in Flexilayout studio? I assume after retraining the working batches would need to be re-recognized. Is that correct.


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Ekaterina posted this 27 August 2019


Please address the issue to the regional support, send them the project, samples and scenario descriptions.