FC12 Upgrade

  • Last Post 10 October 2018
AnneNZ posted this 02 October 2018


We are using Flexicapture 12 Release 1 and have it working well.

I am evaluating the upgrade to Release 2 and am having trouble with it - supplier invoices that are fine in Release 1 are not in Release 2, and it seems difficult to fix them. 

What are the consequences of not upgrading, and staying with Release 1 please?

We really wanted the webstations, but feel that some of the issues we are having are not worth it.



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Ekaterina posted this 09 October 2018


Could you please describe in more details what problems did you encounter? 

Upgrading is not obligatory, if you feel that the FC12 R1 works good enough for your needs, you may not upgrade and keep working with FC12 R1.

AnneNZ posted this 10 October 2018

Thanks Eketarina, we have decided to stay with R1 for now.

The upgrade has dropped some of the rules we scripted, plus tables that were being captured well are not now. For one supplier it is not consistent - the invoice layout doesn't change but there are 6 different ways the table seems to be recognised. I have screenshots of all of them if you want to see them.

For now I think we will wait and stay with what is working.

Thanks again