fc_Predefined:InvoiceVendorIdVariants, how they are created and their affect on recognition

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richfish posted this 30 January 2018

Hi All,

I'm experiencing some odd recognition results for one particular vendor. Net, VAT and Gross values are not found, the recognition points towards a period in an unrelated string. I tried to correct this by creating a flexilayout that find the correct values. This didn't seem to have any affect. I created a new document definition and used the flexilayout and tested on that, it worked. Through process of elimination I have noticed that the only differences seem to be within fc_Predefined:InvoiceVendorIdVariants. The working definition doesn't have any fc_Predefined:InvoiceVendorIdVariants the failing one mentions two other fc_Predefined:InvoiceVendorIdVariants. So my questions are as follows:

  • How does Flexicapture determine contents of fc_Predefined:InvoiceVendorIdVariants
  • How does the content of fc_Predefined:InvoiceVendorIdVariants define which templates are used and how the document is recognised?

I notice that when the pre-registration parameters include fc_Predefined:InvoiceVendorIdVariants the trianing option is also disabled?

Can anyone assist?

Many thanks





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Ekaterina posted this 31 January 2018


Could you please clarify what invoice project do you use (EU, US or other) and do you process documents that contain different languages?

richfish posted this 31 January 2018

HI Ekaterina,

I'm using and EU project, I have only Great Britain and English ticked in Invoice Settings, Countries and Languages in the document definition. 

Hope that helps!



Ekaterina posted this 02 February 2018


Could you please send us the project with dataset and samples images to reproduce the issue on our side?

A3BO posted this 24 April 2018

 Hi Ekaterina,

I am still curious as to how the predefined document registration parameter fc_Predefined:InvoiceVendorIdVariants is filled.
I cannot find anything on this subject in the Abbyy FlexiCapture Helpfiles.

Can you please give some general information on this subject?



AlexeyEfremov posted this 25 April 2018


It is filled on Recognition stage by the internal FlexiCapture logic. As far as I know in the FC 12 this is some algorithm based on neural networks.

If you have multiple cases of the wrong variants appearing in this parameter, please set your project and sample images to the regional support. 


A3BO posted this 15 May 2018

Hi Alexey,

I don;'t have any specific situation.
I just would like to know more on the subject of fc_Predefined:InvoiceVendorIdVariants 
- What is the role of this variable in the recognition process?

AlexeyEfremov posted this 15 May 2018


This is an external preference.

In case it is already filled before the recognition, the recognition process is based on this value - the appropriate variant is selected from the list of specified in this parameter.

If this parameter is empty before the recognition, the recognition will go as usual, without any preferences and the parameter will be filled.